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Integrated Rural Artisans Development Organization - IRADO is a civil society organization facilitating inputs on perspective building, advocacy processes and professional development amongst artisan’s and social groups in the region. IRADO was set up under the Societies Registration Act 1860 to fulfill the long felt need of the weaver’s community and with the goal of changing the development perspective from needs to rights. To this end the organization Is committed to make the various governmental schemes and projects accessible to the backward communities in the region for their soda] enhancement.
Initially, Initiated with the approach of door-to-door marketing of handicraft products in metros, it has been a very momentous and experiential journey for the organization and the beneficiaries as well. IRADO aims to become a platform to streamline the traditional handicrafts of NE region, in the process empowering women to have better control of their lives and resources and enable them to establish themselves both on the personal and professional fronts bringing about positive and visible changes in their communities.
The various activities as laid down has encouraged us to carry on the good work and endeavor to climb newer heights to reach the pinnacle of efficiency and growth both quantitatively and qualitatively. We are happy to note the smile on the face of the villagers that we have helped in due course of our work.


We support and strengthen the development process the poor communities in our country, particularly in Assam. by-

  • helping the poor, particularly women and artisans to help themselves though developmental programs.
  • building the capacity of the people at the grassroots, the NGOs, SHGs and the CBOs, through participatory trainings.
  • providing technical support to rural artisans and poor people for promoting resource base cluster and motivated new and editing organizations involving in pcoplc’s development for joint hand collaboration in the long run.


We aim for peaceful society in which each individual and each community is empowered and self - reliant: where human dignity, equal rights and equal opportunities are enjoyed by all.


IRADO platform is running with people’s participation all the time, thus it has been able to follow the concept by the people for the people and of the people. IRADO is guided by loyalty, professionalism, transparency and commitment.